Take Pride in Your Ride

Make it shine with car waxing in Cedar Rapids, IA

You want your car to not only drive well, but look great. With the proper maintenance, it can. Car Detailing Cedar Rapids performs comprehensive exterior car detailing. Our team in Cedar Rapids, IA thoroughly cleans cars and trucks, leaving them spotless. We'll make sure your vehicle's wheels, tires, windows, and exterior are free of dirt and grime. Plus, we are able to remove any oxidation that would cause a surface flaw so that the beauty of the car can shine through.

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Your car can look its best

Your car can look its best

Want to add extra shine to your ride? Car waxing will add polish and shine to your vehicle. We use a state-of-the-art buffer to remove imperfections and allow your car to glisten. This process also prevents fading, discoloration and oxidation. You can hit the road in style, once we're finished.

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Your services will include:

  • Standard polish and wax - equipped for all paint, including ceramic
  • Orbital buffer with numerous pads for the occasion
  • Thresh hold cleaned
  • Wheel clean and shine
  • Glass cleaning
  • Headlight cleaning
  • All plastic, trim, and vinyl treated for ultimate shine
  • Lubricate all locks

We can also complete the following services for an additional cost


  • Washing car if not done prior to drop off
  • SUV and larger vehicles
  • Pick up & Delivery

  • Find out more about our interior car detailing service now by calling 319-651-3738.