Dirt Has a Way of Building Up in Cars

You may need interior car detailing in Cedar Rapids, IA

We've all been there. You get a new car and vow to keep this one clean. Before you know it, your cupholders have spilled soda in them and your carpet is full of pet hair. Luckily, Car Detailing Cedar Rapids offers interior car detailing in Cedar Rapids, IA. We'll clean up your car's interior so that it looks fresh and new again. You'll feel more comfortable driving your pristine vehicle.

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Restore beauty to your car's interior

Restore beauty to your car's interior

When you get your car cleaned, you want to make sure that no stone is left unturned. That's why our team is extremely thorough. An interior detailing pro from our team will:

  • Clean all glass
  • Clean all vents
  • Clean your carpet
  • Treat all vinyl
  • Treat your cloth seats
  • Vacuum your carpet
  • Use leather conditioner on seats
  • Clean rubber lining to prevent cracking
  • Lubricate locks and latches to prevent freezing

We can also complete the following services for an additional cost

  • Remove pet hair and odor
  • Clean and shine your engine
  • Pick Up & Delivery

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